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Películas EVA

Technical information

PELICULAS Y PAPELES ESPECIALES SAS developed a bag derived from the Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate Copolymer (EVA) family, which offers the lowest melting point found on the market, making it ideal for packaging additives and formulations that are added in rubber and plastic mixtures, making it a local supplier of great importance for these industries.


This low-melting point film developed by PELICULAS Y PAPELES ESPECIALES SAS has been approved by Michelin in France, making us the only national supplier of this product. Likewise, it is in the process of certification in countries of the Andean region such as Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela, not only for tire producers, but for companies related to rubber and its various applications.

Due to its characteristics, the EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) bag is ideal in the rubber and plastics industry because::

  • It allows working at low temperatures, as it melts from 70-80 degrees Celsius.

  •  Excellent dispersion and good compatibility with these materials

  • Bamburies can be worked at lower temperatures

  • Reduces mixing time

  • Avoid risks of contamination due to bad melting

  • Saves energy consumption


The EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate) bag can be manufactured to the following specifications:



According to the customer needs


From 5" (13cm) to 24" 61 cm) 


Bags per unit: From 5" (13cm) ) up to the customer requirement. - Pre-cut roll from 5" (13cm) to  24" (61cm)


Bag per unit or in a pre cut roll


According to the customer needs

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